The user of Jeff’s technology, audios and videos application agrees that they are for designed solely for self-improvement, learning, and relaxation. These audios and videos are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended express or implied.

Those meeting any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not use Jeff’s audios or videos:

  • Epileptics
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who are wearing a pacemaker
  • Those prone to seizures
  • Those who are photosensitive
  • Those who are sensitive to auditory and / or visual stimulation
  • Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs should consult a physician before using these products.

Children and adolescents should be examined by a physician for epilepsy or other illnesses that could contribute to seizures of any kind prior to using these audios and videos.

Do not use Jeff’s audios and videos while under the influence of alcohol or mood altering substances regardless of their legality.

Do not use any of the audios or videos while driving or operating machinery unless the audios are specifically designated as “Car Safe”. Under no circumstance should you EVER use the videos while driving or operating any machinery.

The user of these audios assumes all risks in using, listening and watching Jeff’s audios, and videos, waiving any claims against Jeffrey Gignac, its Parent Corporation and affiliates for all mental or physical injuries.

The user also assumes liability when allowing other persons to use, hear or view Jeff’s technology whether the user is knowingly or unknowing allowing access to Jeff’s technology.

We are always testing and improving our technology used to create our products. It is important to know that there is no guarantee that these audios will produce the same kind of brainwave change that occurred with our test subjects.  Is also important to understand that everyone is different and not everyone will have the same experiences with this technology. Results vary based on many known and unknown factors and you should not expect to receive the similar result as our test subjects, the people in our experiments or the people that submit testimonials. Your are unique and thus your experience with my technology and products will likely be unique.

I encourage you to try my products through various free promotions that are available to you so you can decide for yourself if they hold value for you and your life.